21 de septiembre de 2008

Olimpus Dogs in Utopia

In Greece dogs (as do cats) belong to the street. I guess nowadays they are Greek Gods... You can see them everywhere wandering around together, plotting their daily pranks, or just avoiding the worst heat of the afternoon in the coolest shade. Barking to the unaware passing cars is mandatory but half hearted. Everybody feeds them, loves them, lets them live their own odyssey across the big garden of the public arena. Every dog belongs to everyone, and everyone belongs to every dog.

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Julia dijo...

Aww. Makes me wish I was offered a trip to Europe now rather than in December. We were thinking about Greece, but then realized it's just no fun in December. We're going to Zermatt instead. :D

Lover Of An Art Lover dijo...

Another way to look at dogs:


Mariana dijo...

Juju, Zermatt??!! You lucky bastard! :P

Ivan, that was –waitforit– aaaawsooome! I think I will use it as VV+WWP eventually... Thank you, I'm not exaggerating but I guess watching those dogs changed something (physically) in my brain. Hugs man, and let's book a lunch, shall we?

Mariana dijo...

Despúes de escribir el otro comentario lo puse de nuevo y vi... Pleix. Y lo entendí todo! Pleix siempre me arruina un poco el coco hehehehehehe