19 de febrero de 2010

Veni, vidi, video # 97 Iggy Pop
Sister Midnight

What you really needed was a pinch of rosemary, that and a whole bunch of good luck. You would have had it clear, had you asked me before throwing yourself out there. There’s nothing else to do now but to recover and to pray to some merciful God – just in case he can hear you.

Can you hear me call
Can you hear me well
Can you hear me at all...

The weather is the trickiest element to be exposed to. You never know how the skin will react, once it looses its impermeable condition. If you really need to go, don’t forget the umbrella, and the coin under your tong.

There’s another thing. Don’t mind the mice. You’ll see thousands of them, and all together, they look frightening. But they’re not dangerous, unless you get caught into their horrible roaring. An Ipod, or a personal mantra may help you out.

Concentrate on one and only thing. The moment your thoughts get jumpy is the beginning of the end. Don’t you ever look back, no matter what or who call you… just fix your eyes in the horizon and keep walking West.

2 comentarios:

gastix dijo...

qué tal si festejamos los 100 VV con un literal music video?
a pedido del público!!!

Mariana dijo...

hehehehehe... total eclipse of the VV